Cardamom processing

  • Cardamom is a valuable spice that is obtained from the seeds of a perennial plant (Elettaria cardamomum).After plucking Cardamom must be dried before they are packed.cardamom processing is one of the major part before they are packed for the customers.
  • fresh cardamoms are washed in separate containers before processing.After being washed they are dumped into large dryers for procesing.In these dryers cardamom is maintained in different temperatures starting from 45 degree to a maximum of 80 degrees.
  • This process is done inorder to remove the water content in the cardamom.This process takes almost 15 to 18 hours.After 18 hours they are taken out from the dryers and are transferred into another machine.
  • This machine removes the dust from the cardamom.After removing the dust,cardamom is put into grading machine to seperate it based on their sizes.After grading they are cleaned with help of color sorting machine to enhance its appearance.
  • This machine seperates yellow color and dull color pods one side and green color pods on the another side.Another round of cleaning is done with the help of man power to enhance more quality.After hand picking they are packed and delivered for our customers.

Pepper processing

  • After plucking pepper should also under go the drying process before packing.Pepper is dumped into large dryers for processing.They are maintained at different temperature ranges starting from 38 degree till 50 degrees. This process takes almost 3 to 5 hours.After the process they are packed for customers.
Dust Removal
Color Sorting
Hand Picking