About us

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  • We at Mahalakshmi Spices are experts in delivering superior quality Green Cardamom and Pepper varieties.
  • While we supply in large scale to wholesale business community and exporters,
  • We also cater to small size retail customers through an effective distribution system.
  • Our customers can also buy spices online that are of premium quality. 

Spices Suppliers in Kerala

We Mahalakshmi Spices being one of the trusted  Supplier of high quality Cardamom and pepper operate from Idukki District, Kerala, India. Coming from the region where  Cardamom are abundantly found, we understand the techniques in procuring these products at high quality and at the best price

Our Cardamom and Pepper varieties are sourced directly from our own plantation located in Idukki District, Kerala.Our Ragavan plantation established in the year 1948 have decades of experience in cardamom and pepper cultivation. Main goal of Ragavan plantations is to bridge the gap between farmer and end consumers. That's why we are able to provide our valuable customers with premium varieties at the most competitive prices.


We are in business to be profitable, but our principles make us a class apart from the rest and exceptional spice suppliers in Kerala. We act honestly and fairly and we ensure following business ethics and regulations.


Integrity and transparency form a great part of the principles we follow, which in turn help us maintain trust and good relationships with all our business associates.